Custom Homes & New Build Design Packages

Building a custom home can be daunting and overwhelming. For new builds and custom homes I work hand in hand with your Builder & Architect to ensure your home is functional, beautiful and on budget. My Custom Home packages are bespoke and created per project. They include full design services from the initial stages through to the last book on the bookshelf. I’ve created a tailored package for your project with a flat design fee that is paid throughout the project.

Interior Design Services Included:

🔲 Working closely with the Architect in order to make sure the form of the home matches the function

🔲 Full design drawings including floor patterns, furniture layouts, lighting plans, millwork, details and all elevations

🔲 Creation of a realistic budget and the management of that budget

🔲 Full paint schedule and colour consultation

🔲 Frequent site visits to ensure that the design is being adhered to

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🔲 Communication with builder and trades

🔲 Sourcing of all required building materials

🔲 Sourcing of all furniture, lighting, and decor

🔲 Design and procurement of all soft furnishings such as window coverings

🔲 Decoration and Accessorizing